Tia Maria goes behind the mask


LIQUEUR brand Tia Maria has been interacting with consumers face-to-face in the latest stage of its ‘behind the mask’ campaign.

A six-week programme, titled Unmasked By Tia Maria, saw sampling teams visit more than 80 bars throughout the UK, providing samples to around 20,000 consumers.
Tia Maria’s signature serve, the Tia Breeze, formed the central focus of the activity, as well as new cocktail serves such as Maria LOrange, Dr Evans, Jamaican Sunrise and Keep the Faith.
The Maria LOrange mixes Tia Maria with triple sec, passion fruit syrup, lemon juice and orange juice; the Jamaican Sunrise includes aged dark rum, pineapple juice and orange juice; and the Dr Evans mixes the liqueur with vanilla vodka and Angostura.
The Keep the Faith cocktail combines Tia Maria, dark chocolate liqueur, sugar syrup and slices of red chilli.
The six-week sampling campaign launched in August and ran throughout September.
“Summer is an important time of year for us to invest in the brand and speak about the versatile nature of Tia Maria,” said brand manager Will Thompson.
“Through a strong on-trade presence throughout August and September we will introduce the brand to a host of new consumers whilst reinforcing the brand’s credentials amongst current drinkers. Coupled with a heavyweight TV campaign throughout the year, we are confident of a bright future for Tia Maria and continued on-trade growth.”
Tia Maria claims to have grown on-trade sales by 10% in the last year.