The Kats that got the schnapps


SPECIALITY drinks brand V-KAT is targeting 18-24 year olds with a new TV ad.

The ‘all kinds of Kats’ campaign, which launched last week, was due to appear on 700 SubTV screens in 90 student union sites. Under the strapline ‘made to mix’, it focuses on the versatility of the V-Kat product and sets the brand’s black and gold livery against images of cats. The campaign runs until December.
SubTV broadcasts exclusively to student unions across the country.
John Mills, managing director of owner InterContinental Brands, described the channel as “the perfect medium” for raising awareness of the V-Kat brand.
“There is an increasing awareness of alcohol levels amongst young adult consumers, many of whom want to be clear about their level of consumption,” he said.
“At 22% ABV, V-Kat Schnapps has a lower percent ABV than full strength spirits.
“This, together with a smooth taste, versatility and great value add up to a clear offering for young adult consumers.”
V-Kat Schnapps, a blend of fermented and distilled alcohol, is available in 20cl, 35cl, 70cl and 1L bottles.