Search underway for future hospitality stars


A NEW training programme designed to grow the number of emerging leaders in the global hospitality and tourism industry was unveiled last week in Glasgow.

The Executive Masters programme is the brainchild of the International Leadership School Scotland (ILSS), a joint education and industry organisation set up earlier this year.
ILSS said the new course, which runs for two years on a part time basis, combines practical experience and face-to-face tuition.
The programme is split into twelve, three-day modules.
The first 25 participants will begin the course in January 2012.
“To ensure that the industry grows and fulfils its potential there is an urgent need to provide the best and most appropriate training at the highest levels for what is now a very complex and high tech business,” said Gleneagles chairman Peter Lederer, who also chairs ILSS.
The International Leadership School Scotland is a joint initiative between the hospitality industry, Strathclyde Business School, Cornell University in New York and École hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland.
Susan Hart, dean of Strathclyde Business School, described the partnership as “the perfect opportunity for Scotland and the UK to lead the way in the sector globally”.
“It is a groundbreaking approach bringing together the industry and the three leading academic institutions, all of whom have the expertise and resources to make a major impact on the hospitality and tourism sector,” she said.