Pubco getting cool in the cellar


SCOTTISH & Newcastle Pub Company has been rolling out a new cellar-cooling unit that’s said to be 20% more energy efficient than previous systems.

The Hubbard and Blizzard units have been installed in 71 S&NPC pubs in the course of the last year. The units are said to cool the cellar area and maintain a constant temperature while using less energy than other systems.
S&NPC has been installing the systems in premises where it has responsibility for cellar cooling, but is also making the units available at a reduced price to lessees who are obliged to pay for their own cellar cooling systems.
Mike Pope, project manager at S&NPC, said cutting costs is a must in the current climate.
“Cooling drinks in a typical leased pub can be up to 20% of the total energy costs with over half being cellar cooling,” he said.
“With energy prices at an all-time high, efficient equipment is key to ensuring bills are as low as possible.
“We are pleased to be able to offer our lessees a product which will do this.”
The company is also running a maintenance scheme for lessees which involves a cellar-cooling technician visiting the premises twice a year. The scheme costs lessees £200, which is split into monthly payments throughout the year.
“If customers are served a disappointing pint of beer, it will completely colour their impression of a pub,” Pope said.
“Regular cellar maintenance checks ensure that the beer is being kept at the right temperature, a vital ingredient to serving a great pint and we are delighted to have been able to secure such a good deal for our lessees in this area.”
S&NPC has a five-point checklist for employees to go through when they order a pint in one of the company’s pubs: is the beer poured correctly? Is the pint served in a clean glass? Is it presented in the correct branded glass? Is the liquid the right temperature? And does it embody a fresh smell and taste?