Strips hold key to success


WALKERS has introduced a series of ready-to-sell clip strips, which the company claims could help boost an outlet’s crisp sales by up to 30%.

The pre-filled eight-bag strips are available for each of the brand’s four best-selling flavours: Salt & Vinegar, Ready Salted, Cheese & Onion and Prawn Cocktail.
The brand’s parent company, PepsiCo UK and Ireland, said many licensees are unaware that prawn cocktail flavour has the same rate of sale as salt and vinegar, and so a significant proportion did not consider the flavour a must-stock.
The company advised operators to dedicate an equal amount of space to each of the four top-selling crisp flavours in order to maximise sales. The clips are available in outers that each contain three ready to merchandise eight-bag strips.
The launch of the new clip strips coincides with a new advertising campaign for Walkers which aims to reinforce the brand’s quality and flavour credentials.
The ‘three simple things’ campaign highlights the three key ingredients for Walkers crisps: 100% British potatoes, sunseed oil and seasonings.
The activity includes a television ad that once again features Walkers’ brand ambassador Gary Lineker, as well as digital activity and a nationwide sampling tour.