Brewer embarks on a journey of discovery

Miller Brands launches new effort to help operators make the most of world beers – one of the drinks industry’s fastest growing categories

THE world beer category presents a significant opportunity for publicans to boost sales, according to Miller Brands. The company, part of international brewer SAB Miller, claims world beer is currently the only category experiencing growth in both the on and off-trades. Quoting figures from CGA, Miller Brands reports that world beer sales in UK pubs grew by 15% between 2010 and 2011.


Laura Edwards, director of trade marketing at Miller Brands, said the category’s growth presents a major margin opportunity for operators, suggesting that the average world beer consumer spends 20% more than the average beer drinker. This, combined with the fact that more than half of lager customers are undecided about what they want to drink as they approach the bar, creates “a huge opportunity for retailers to encourage their customers into world beer and increase their profits”.

Consumers want more from beer. They want something that is better quality or that feels unique.

Miller Brands has launched a new initiative, ‘world beer, worth discovering’, to drive sales of its own world beer brands, which include Peroni Nastro Azzurro (Italy) and Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic) as well as Miller Genuine Draft (US).
Through the initiative the company is working with retailers and publicans to help them develop their world beer offering and grow sales.
“Consumers are now looking for more from their beer,” Edwards said.
“They want something that is better in quality or that feels unique. Consumers like beer that has a genuine story they can tell others about.
“World beer drinkers are prepared to pay a premium for quality brands; they’re not as price sensitive as general lager consumers, which makes world beer a great opportunity for retailers.”
To maximise sales Miller Brands suggests operators should use stand-alone, lit fonts for draught beers, which the company claims can double sales of those products, and stocking branded glassware.
“Research has shown that consumers are willing to pay a premium for their drink if served in branded glassware, so ensuring world beers are always served in the correct glass is very important,” said Edwards.

Through the initiative, we are looking at ways to help deliver greater value to outlets and consumers.

Outlets should also consider stocking packaged beers even if they have a product on draught, said Edwards, as format is the first decision many customers will make as they approach the bar. The increased focus on world beers will feature prominently in the company’s presence at trade shows and in its direct marketing material.
“Through the initiative Miller Brands will be looking at ways to address key issues for our outlets and help to deliver greater value to both outlets and consumers,” Edwards added.
“Miller Brands is working with its customers to ensure that they are stocking the right range in the right way to grow world beer sales and maximise their profits.”