Cider takes seasonal approach


SWEDISH cider brand Kopparberg has launched the first variant in its ‘revolving’ seasonal range.

Kopparberg with Raspberry is designed to meet what’s said to be a growing demand for fruit cider without putting pressure on operators, for whom fridge space is often in short supply.
Kopparberg’s new revolving seasonal line will be available for limited periods only, beginning this month with the summer variant.
Described as a “deliciously refreshing” summer drink designed to be served over ice, Kopparberg with Raspberry will be available until late September, when it will be replaced by the next seasonal variant.
Davin Nugent, managing director of COS Brands, which markets and distributes Kopparberg in the UK, said the launch of the first seasonal variant comes in the midst of a £5 million marketing campaign for the brand, which includes TV and radio sponsorship for the first time.
“We’re delighted to be introducing a seasonal offering to the Kopparberg range, as it allows us to meet the strong consumer demand for new variants, while still being conscious that bar fridges and shelf space are not elastic,” he said.