Energy will move up on pub agenda

ENERGY efficiency will move higher up publicans’ agendas in future as fuel prices continue to rise, according to LPG supplier Calor Gas.

As prices continue to soar, the firm reckons the cost of buying new equipment could become secondary to running costs. “In other words, switching a fuel system away from an energy intensive oil boiler to an underground LPG supply alongside solar panels may take an initial capital investment, but given the highly fluctuating cost of fuel the pay back could be achieved much sooner than is thought,” said Paul Young, commercial marketing executive at Calor.
Young said the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust are good starting points for publicans looking to find out more about energy efficiency in their pubs. Both organisations can provide guidance on efficiency practices and different ways to reduce costs, and the Carbon Trust is also able to offer businesses interest-free loans starting at £3000, which can be used to invest in energy-efficient technology. At the same time, traders can also take some comparatively easy actions to reduce their energy costs.
“There are some really simple steps any property can take, whether domestic or commercial, to increase energy efficiency,” said Young. “For example, cavity and loft insulation is a cost effective way to have a positive impact.”