Keep the Champagne on ice this summer


MOËT & Chandon is targeting summer drinkers with the launch of a new Champagne specifically designed to be served over ice.

Moët Ice Impérial is a blend of between 40% and 50% Pinot Noir, 30% to 40% Pinot Meunier and between 10% and 20% Chardonnay and is said to be best served in a large, Chianti-style wine glass with three or four large square ice cubes.
Moët & Chandon said the new Champagne, which it claims is the first in the world to be designed for an over ice serve, can be garnished with fresh ingredients such as a sprig of mint, lime zest or white grapefruit.
Following trials in the US, France and Germany, Moët Ice Impérial is being launched in selected UK outlets this month. Visitors to the Bournemouth Air Show, between August 6 and 12, will get the chance to sample the Champagne at a special Moët Ice Impérial bar.
Chef de Cave Benoît Gouez said he created the Champagne specially for summer.
“An aromatic intensity strikes immediately with tropical fruit aromas and hints of soft spices and aromatic plants such as blackcurrant and peppermint,” he said.
“The attack in the mouth is ample and fleshy, with a rich explosion of fruit and sweet aromas such as toffee or quince jelly. Then the acidity emerges for a refreshing finish with notes of grapefruit and ginger. The rich structure offers a hint of sweetness, and stands up against dilution while catering to all palates.” Moët Ice Impérial is packaged in white lacquered bottles with a black tie, gold label and silver design.