Jack reckons it’s hip to be square


A NEW-look bottle for Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 is set to be launched next month.

Designed to “reinforce the quality” of the Tennessee whiskey and improve the brand’s stand-out on the back-bar, the new bottle has squarer shoulders than its predecessor, while the front and side labels have been simplified.
It’s not the first time the Jack Daniel’s bottle and label have been changed. Founded in 1866 and now part of the Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands portfolio, Jack Daniel’s was originally sold in barrels, before being moved to jugs and then bottles.
“Mr Jack Daniel was proud of the craftsmanship and care that went into his whiskey and wanted a bottle as unique as its smooth, mellow character,” said John Hayes, senior vice president and managing director at Jack Daniel’s. “That’s why in 1895, Jack made the decision to put his whiskey in a square bottle, unlike other whiskeys of his day. He wanted to make sure his whiskey stood out. The refinements today are meant to honour Mr Jack’s desire that his bottle reflects the distinctive character of the whiskey.”