Agent cracks property code

Ian GilliesPROSPECTIVE buyers can now view pubs and hotels for sale on their mobile phones thanks to a new service from Graham & Sibbald.
The property firm is now using QR (quick response) codes on its print property advertising.
Similar to a barcode, each QR code contains the address for a specific web page. Anyone interested in viewing the pages can download a scanner application from the internet to their phone.
When the code is scanned it will take the user directly to the full listing for that particular property, allowing them to bypass the usual process of searching for the property through the firm’s website. Ian Gillies, senior partner at Graham & Sibbald (pictured right), said the new technology will provide potential buyers with “instant access to detailed information”.
“As a firm we are always looking forward and are therefore very interested in this innovative technology to provide our clients access to property details via their smartphones,” he said. “This technology merges the medium of print and digital effortlessly. There is little doubt that QR codes are here to stay and will continue to grow into being the preferred way for mobile users to connect to information.”