New talent heads for pubs

MUSIC provider Soundnet is bringing unsigned and emerging artists to pub jukeboxes

Through its new ‘Breaking Bands’ category, Soundnet will programme 30 tracks a month by artists it reckons will be ones to watch in the future.
The new feature is said to be “particularly relevant” to the new Venue Hub jukebox, which was launched by Soundnet’s partner Sound Leisure earlier this year. Breaking Bands tracks will appear in their own category, be promoted on-screen and flagged up to pub customers through the V-Hub’s ‘search and suggest’ feature.
Soundnet’s Lee Taylor said the feature means new artists will be promoted to customers as a ‘you may also like’ suggestion when a breaking bands track fits with a customer’s music tastes. “Breaking Bands allows us to cherry pick the best new music and present it to our customers in an easy and intuitive way,” he said.