Get yourself to the BBQ ball

IT’S a fact universally acknowledged that food tastes better when you eat it outside.

But finding the right barbecue for a home and for a business are two different matters.
Luckily there’s a range of commercial options on the market.
One of the best-sellers from Cinders, which has been manufacturing barbecue equipment since 1984, is the Slimfold TG160.
Its one-piece design is said to provide the enhanced durability demanded by chefs and managers alike. The twin independent grills on the TG160 offer a combined cooking area of 7312 sq cms.
Folding down to 190mm and weighing only 47kg, the Slimfold TG160 is easy to transport and set up and is said to be quick and easy to clean.
The eco-friendly recirculating heat design of the firebox gives greater fuel efficiency and there is 13 hours of high temperature cooking from a 19kg propane cylinder.