Funkin introduces a taste of summer


VODKA is all that’s required for one of the new summer cocktail mixers from Funkin.

Designed for mixing with vodka, the Strawberry Woo Woo combines peaches, cranberry juice and lemon juice.
Other mixers launched include the Mai Tai – a mix of pineapple and orange juice to create the rum-based cocktail; and the Funkin Sour Mix, which combines lime, lemon and sugar syrup and can be used to create a range of cocktails, including the Mojito, Caipirinha and Margarita.
Available from May 1, the three new variants are intended to help bartenders make cocktails quickly and easily, requiring the addition of only ice and a spirit.
“Consumer demand for quality cocktails continues to grow and Funkin’s innovation programme, backed by ten years’ experience in the cocktail industry, is designed to meet the latest trends,” said CEO Andrew King.
“The launch of Funkin Sour Mix will satisfy the growing consumer interest in sour cocktails whilst the Mai Tai and Strawberry Woo Woo are fast becoming two of the most popular cocktails in many high-street bars, especially during the summer.”

(image: The Strawberry Woo Woo is on of three new Funkin cocktail mixers.)