Easing outdoor ordering

AL fresco eating and drinking takes a lot of planning, Tables and chairs? Check. Parasols and planters? Check. Keeping tabs on the customers ..?

It definitely pays to make sure the customers can order food and drink.
And, according to one firm, technology can be your outdoor waiting assistant.
Call-Systems Technology (CST) has developed EasyCall, a low-cost wireless call system allowing customers to alert waiting staff at the touch of a button without going inside to queue at a crowded bar.
The small weatherproof button, which can be sited on outdoor tables, transmits a signal indicating which table requires service. The signal can be directed to a central display panel or to pagers worn by waiting staff.
The button base can be freestanding or countersunk and customised to suit the brand image or decor. As it’s wireless operated, the system is said to be easy to install with minimal running costs.
CST claims that EasyCall can improve both table service and staff/customer relations because staff know exactly which customers require assistance and when.