Chill out this summer


CHILLED red wine looks set to become the serve of the summer.

That’s the prediction from Australian wine firm Brown Brothers, which reckons the popularity of chilled lighter reds is gaining momentum, with its own Tarrango now said to account for almost a quarter of its sales in the UK.
Gail Gilbert, European sales and marketing director for Brown Brothers, expects demand for lighter wines to rise even further in the coming weeks.
“The lower alcohol category as a whole continues to grow and is set to accelerate in the summer months as consumers look for lighter options, particularly as the number of all-day events increases,” she said.
“Brown Brothers offers a range of low alcohol wines, including the Cienna – a chilled red exclusive to Brown Brothers at just 5% ABV.”
In other summer trends, Gail expects fruity wines – red, white and rosé – to prove popular, advising operators to match fruity styles with summer dishes, like salads, tapas and barbecued food to make the most of sales.
“Such suggestions on the menu or a chalkboard will help consumers complement their meal with ease, encouraging them to spend more,” she said.
“Offering wine by the glass is a must as it will generate a much higher turnover per bottle as well as enabling lone wine drinkers in a crowd to enjoy a drink without investing in a full bottle.”

(Image: Cienna and Dry Muscat are popular summer wines, according to Brown Bros.)