A Rational approach to al fresco food

BARBECUEING food on a grand scale can present problems.

It needs constant attention and it’s easy to ruin the food by under or even over-cooking it.
28-4-11_rational_1One possible solution is the Rational SelfCooking Center. This workhorse not only cooks your steaks, sausages and shrimps without supervision, it can even add a traditional smoky flavour and an authentic grill pattern for good measure.
This method is used by a well-known chain of restaurants specialising in marinated flame-grilled options.
Raw (or even frozen) food can be placed on the SelfCooking Center’s griddle and the operator then presses a button to tell the unit what type of food is being grilled, the level of browning (from light to dark) and how well done it should be cooked.
Ian Ring, of Rational UK, said: “Cooking food successfully on a traditional barbecue is a skilled and labour intensive job. When you use a SelfCooking Center you can be sure the food is cooked to perfection. It tastes and looks great and is cooked properly throughout.
“You can also cook lots of different dishes at the same time, in the same SelfCooking Center, with no danger of flavour cross-over as you might get on a traditional barbecue.”

(Image: The equipment can add a smoky flavour.)