New craft beer is full of beans


STIRLING-based drinks firm VC2 Brands has launched a new coffee-flavoured beer.

Said to be brewed with double-strength coffee bean flavours, Double Espresso Premio Caffè Birra is the latest release from VC2’s Traditional Scottish Ales brewing division.
Initially launched in cask format late last year and trialled in JD Wetherspoon bars across the UK during its annual beer festival, the beer is now being launched in bottled format.
VC2 Brands co-founder Carlo Valente said the new beer has a coffee aroma and taste.
“We recognised the need to introduce something new, exciting and unique to the market and we feel that we have accomplished this with Double Espresso,” he said.
“The continental name was created to maximise the growing demand for beer with a difference throughout Europe and Australia.
“The beer won a national listing in the prestigious JD Wetherspoon’s annual beer festival during October and November, where it proved immensely popular.
“Following the success of the cask beer, we are now launching a premium bottled version.
Other beers in the TSA Brewing portfolio include William Wallace 80/-, Glencoe, Lomond Gold and 1488 Premium Whisky Beer. Parent company VC2 Brands’ products include Boe gin, Paris Rose liqueur and vodka-based Stiffy’s.