Sauces that go the extra mile


Versatility key in harsh economic climate, says Heinz

THE need for chefs to get the most from their ingredients has arguably never been greater as tough economic conditions prevail and consumers seek greater value. And it seems it’s not just raw ingredients that can offer extra mileage.
Heinz Foodservice reckons it’s crucial that sauces can be used in as many ways as possible without compromising on flavour. And it has developed a new range of sauces which are designed to offer just that. Although details are still under wraps, back-of-house sauces brand manager Dominic Lowdell said caterers can expect products which are of “contemporary condiment-style”. “The majority of the soon-to-be-unveiled bold flavoured sauces can be served hot as well as cold, as a marinade, dressing or dip, or even a flavour enhancer to another sauce base ensuring maximum versatility,” he said. “And, with over 100 years of sauce-making expertise, it means your guests will be guaranteed a memorable taste experience, which, if effectively marketed on menus, will leave them coming back for more. The tough economic conditions mean it is imperative every back-of-house sauce delivers on its flavour promise and can be used in as many ways as possible.”
Flexibility is also key when it comes to matching wines with sauces.
Faith Knight, of Chilean wine business Concha y Toro’s UK division, said sauces can often have an affect on the basic rule of matching white wines with fish and chicken and red wines with red meats.
“When pairing wines with sauces, match the weight/richness of the sauce with the body of the wine,” she said. “For example, a rich peppery sauce for a steak will go well with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. An intensely creamy, buttery pasta sauce needs a rich Chardonnay. Don’t forget a wine for dessert. A red fruit coulis is delicious drizzled over a number of desserts and a sweet sauce like this will pair well with a fruity rosé, such as CyT Blush.”