From new IPAs to clean water

Proceeds from beers to help improve drinking water in Malawi

Two can play that game: the small-batch brewing collaboration is Brewgooder’s fifth

THE proceeds from two new limited edition pale ales will be used to help build clean water pumps in Malawi.

Glasgow non-profit brewer Brewgooder has teamed up with London craft brewery Fourpure to launch Mango Pale Ale and Session India Pale Ale – with profits going to the Brewgooder Foundation to fund the endeavour.

Mango Pale Ale is a 3.9% ABV beer which combines citrus-forward Cascade, Citra and Magnum hops. It is described as having subtle, balanced malt flavours and a fresh, tropical taste augmented by natural mango extract.

These beers are in response to our fans calling for greater variety.

Described as a flavourful IPA with an ABV of 3.7%, the Session Indian Pale Ale is said to have a robust mouthfeel – due to the addition of oats in the brew – with a fruity, piney aroma.

Part of the beer brand’s mission statement is to deliver clean water to one million people; the Brewgooder Foundation has already supported over 130 projects to that end. This is its fifth small-batch collaboration.

Alan Mahon, founder of Brewgooder, said: “We believe that craft beer has the power to change the world and this will always be the driving force for everything we do.

“Working with an incredible partner like Fourpure was a natural step in bringing this vision to more of the craft community and shows that we can all make real change.

“Mango is a fruit that is celebrated across Malawi and as such seemed a fitting symbol to inspire this collaboration.

“Our Clean Water Lager has already made such a significant impact and so we were keen to expand the range with more sessionable style beers. It’s no secret that the craft beer scene is full of variety; these beers are in response to our fans calling for more variety when making a conscientious choice.”