Sweet dreams are made of these drinks

Italian Grill’s Sweet Dreams cocktail

CUSTOMERS in Dundee will be able to celebrate Christmas with an Italian twist this December, thanks to the city’s Italian Grill restaurant.

The eatery, on City Square, has predicted that its original cocktail – the Sweet Dreams (pictured above) – will be the most popular cocktail choice this festive season, followed by the venue’s takes on the classic Gin Fizz and French Martini.

The top three cocktails in the restaurant this year are expected to be:

Sweet Dreams

• 25ml vanilla vodka
• 15ml Fruits de la Passion liqueur
• 15ml Frangelico
• 15ml house-made sugar syrup (to make your own take 300ml caster sugar and heat slowly with 150ml water until dissolved. Cool and refrigerate in a sterilised bottle.)
Garnish with rainbow dust and dehydrated strawberry.

Victoria French Martini

•25ml Absolut Raspberry
• 25ml Chambord
• 50ml fresh

pineapple juice
Garnish with dehydrated pineapple and a fresh raspberry.

Albert Gin Fizz

• 25ml Malfy Limone
• 25ml Curacao Bleu
• 50ml fresh pineapple juice
Garnish with rainbow dust and a fresh lemon wedge.