Hebridean H2O flows into pubs

Larkfire’s James McIntosh
Larkfire’s James McIntosh said the water extends the flavour of whisky.

TWO whisky enthusiasts have launched a ‘wild water’ which is said to enhance the flavours of Scotch whisky.

The water, Larkfire, is sourced from the Isle of Lewis, where centuries-old gneiss rock is said to result in pure, soft water with a low mineral content.

And it’s this that makes it a perfect pairing with whisky, according to Larkfire’s founders.

The canned water is said to “open up and extend the true flavour of whisky” as there are no minerals or additives affecting it.

James McIntosh (pictured), co-founder of Larkfire, said: “If you think about how many times tap water has been recycled before it reaches a bar or restaurant… there’s no way it should be going anywhere near a good whisky.

“Mixing [Larkfire] with whisky creates a natural chemistry – the water complements the whisky, unlocking its hidden complexities and creating a drink that is more enjoyable and has greater depth.”