A classic can be canned

Bloody Drinks Bloody Mary
The Classic is the first of three variants from Bloody Drinks.


THE first in a series of three canned Bloody Mary-inspired drinks has been released in the UK.

Described as “perfectly balanced”, the Bloody Classic is made using vodka, cream sherry, tomatoes, lemons, Worcestershire and soy sauces, parent company Bloody Drinks’ own peppery pickle juice and hot sauce; the cocktail has an ABV of 6.3% and is available in a 250ml can.

The company plans to launch a further two variants – The Bloody Samurai and The Virgin, which is said to offer all the flavour and depth of The Classic without the alcohol – by the end of the year.

Bloody Drinks co-founder Harry Farnham said the cocktails aim to help bars and restaurants deliver “easy-to-serve, consistent top-quality Bloody Marys in convenient, single-serve cans to eliminate wastage and the need to stock multiple perishable ingredients”. “We have spent the last year fine-tuning the recipe to create something that we love and that really demonstrates what a beautifully rich and complex drink the Bloody Mary can be,” he said.