A quality programme

TENNENT’S is continuing its mission to improve the quality of pints poured across the country with its beer quality programme, Tennent’s Lager Care (TLC).

First launched in May, the TLC programme – a free-to-access training service for trade staff which aims to dispell cellar management myths and instill good practice in staff – has to date seen more than 40 people visit Wellpark Brewery in Glasgow to brush up on everything from cellar management to glass care.

The programme, provided through the Tennent’s Training Academy (at Wellpark), with follow-up support through the MyTennent’s trade website – an online portal for customers, including marketing advice – was developed by Stevie Dickson and Paul Welsh from the Tennent’s quality team and is delivered by Kenny Macdonald.

Speaking to SLTN, Macdonald said the TLC programme takes staff through everything there is to know about achieving the perfect pint – from cellar management through to the pour. “Everything we’re trying to do is looking at best practice; at how to do it as professionally, as welcoming, as financially viable for all of us,” said Macdonald.