A shot in the arm

Liqueur brand sends army of sampling staff into on-trade for freshers’ week

FRESHERS’ week has been given a shot in the arm after the firm behind herbal liqueur Jägermeister announced its Jägerettes floor staff are set to return to venues.

The Mast-Jaegermeister-owned brand’s sampling corps will be introducing Jägermeister to the next generation as 2018’s freshers get to know their new watering holes.

The sampling team, which is part of a wider marketing drive to increase the brand’s presence in bars and clubs, is set to attend over 800 events across the UK before the end of the year, including in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

The Jägerettes will be delivering the perfect serve of the liqueur, in branded glassware, at -18°c.

Jonathan Dennys, Mast-Jaegermister UK’s customer marketing and insights controller, said: “Jägermeister has developed a strong presence in the on-trade and this is in part thanks to the heritage of its Jägerettes floor selling programme.

“With a calendar packed with major sporting events, this summer is the perfect opportunity to have the Jägermeister ambassadors on the ground and supporting key venues.”

The brand team was also in Scotland last week for the regional semi-final of its cocktail competition, Meister Hunter.

Held at The Kelvingrove Café in Glasgow on August 9, the contest saw bartenders from across the country, including Elliot Campbell of Panda & Sons and Adrian Forde-Beggs from Orchid, compete for a place in the UK final, which will take place in Manchester on September 20 and 21.

Participants were tasked with creating a cocktail using Jägermeister; encouraging bartenders to challenge preconceptions around the drink and learn more about its versatility.