Ale change for Islay brewery

Islay Ales
Steve Bavin (left to right), Mackay Smith and Donald MacKenzie with previous owners Paul Capper, Walter Schobert and Ishbel Capper.

BEERS from the ‘whisky isle’ of Islay are under new ownership after the brewery was snapped up by three locals.

Islay Ales was acquired by The Islay Boys Ltd – Donald MacKenzie of Port Charlotte and Mackay Smith of Portnahaven, the duo behind the Flatnöse and Bårelegs whisky brands; and Steve Bavin, the previous financial controller at Islay Ales.

Mackay said: “We are privileged to follow on from the great work undertaken by the current owners in creating and developing Islay’s craft brewery over the last 15 years. We look forward to carrying this on and bringing new and exciting additions to the range to tempt the palates of Ileachs, those on the mainland and in overseas markets.”

Former owner Ishbel Capper said: “We will help the new owners through a short handover period and then plan to head off at the end of the summer for a well-earned retirement!”