Chef’s Special: Cameron MacBeth, Head Chef, Cornerstone Seafood Restaurant Mallaig

Cameron MacBeth

Cameron MacBeth is head chef at Cornerstone Seafood Restaurant in the Highland port of Mallaig. Diners can enjoy fresh seafood while looking out across the harbour as the local fishermen land the day’s catch.

How long have you been in the industry and how did you start?

I’ve been in the industry for eight years now. I started as a KP when I was 13 years old.

What’s your career highlight so far?

Winning restaurant of the year at the 2017 Scottish Hospitality Awards is definitely the highlight of my career so far.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?

Becoming head chef at 19 at an already great restaurant has been a huge challenge, but I have a fantastic team who all work incredibly hard and we overcome every obstacle as a team.

How would you describe your restaurant and its food?

We are a seafood restaurant who serves nothing but the freshest ingredients.

We have a small, cosy dining room with an ‘arty’ vibe and amazing views of the harbour.

Describe your staff.

Amazing, hard-working and passionate.

What’s your favourite Scottish ingredient?

Fresh scallops. We always have scallops on our menu.

What’s your favourite wine?

We have an amazing white Rioja in the restaurant that I love.

What’s your favourite dish to cook at home?

I love lasagne.

Is there any food you dislike?


What makes a good chef?

Hard work, passion, discipline and consistency.

What’s a top tip every chef should know?

Never compromise on quality.

What makes you laugh in the kitchen?

Our food jokes in the kitchen, such as ‘you have to be SQUIDing!’ and ‘for COD sake that was a bad joke’.

Who do you admire in the industry and why?

I think Gordon Ramsay is amazing. His passion for food and what he has done for the industry is amazing.

How do you relax outside of work?

I like to play golf in my time off. I’m not very good though!

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had and where was it?

I went to a small pizzeria in Spain this year and everything about it was stunning.

Who would you invite for your ideal meal and where would you go?

I would love to go to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay with Gordon himself. That would be amazing!