Opening up to a wider market

CAMRA members to vote on expansion of cider support

CAMRA festivals may soon feature a broader range of ciders after an April vote

WIDER variety of quality ciders and perries will be championed by consumer group The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), as the organisation seeks to significantly expand its remit.

Currently the 46 year old organisation promotes only what it describes as ‘real cider’ (produced naturally from apples without being carbonated or pasteurised), but proposed changes to CAMRA’s Articles of Association would see the group welcoming a more diverse range of cider and beer drinkers into its membership, as well as campaigning for a wider range of quality ciders to be stocked in pubs and bars.

The changes would also see cider in a broader range of formats made available at CAMRA festivals.

The proposals have been made as part of CAMRA’s ‘Revitalisation Project’, a root and branch review of the organisation launched in 2016 which aims to widen its appeal and grow its membership.

The leadership will also suggest broadening the scope of the organisation to lobby for a wider range  of on-trade outlets, in addition to CAMRA’s core focus of the ‘traditional British pub’.

We are determined to change and evolve so that we are relevant to drinkers of all types.

However, the changes are still subject to the approval of CAMRA’s members at the organisation’s annual general meeting in April. 

Colin Valentine, chairman of CAMRA, said: “It’s always been important that our members have had a say throughout this review process and we’re now at the point where we’ll be giving all our members the chance to vote on the final Revitalisation Project recommendations.

“In the months between now and April we’ll be making sure members can access the full details of the changes we’re recommending along with the analysis of the impacts and potential opportunities the changes will have.

“Our recommendations mark an important stage in CAMRA’s long history.

“We recognise that the beer and pub landscape has changed and continues to evolve, and our place in that landscape has changed as well.

“We’re determined to make sure that we continue to change and evolve so that we are relevant to drinkers of all types and continue to offer a compelling reason for people to join our organisation.”