Whisky blends east and west

New release combines spirit from Scotland and Bangalore

Alex Bruce (right), who created The E&K, with Fusion Whisky director David Moore

SCOTLAND’S many cultural links with India have been celebrated in a new Scotch and Indian whisky, blended by the great grandson of a former Viceroy of India.

The E&K whisky is a marriage of Scotch malt whisky from the Ardmore and Glenrothes distilleries as well as malt from the Indian Amrut Distillery in Bangalore.

It was created by Edinburgh firm Fusion Whisky in conjunction with Alex Bruce, master blender and managing director of Adelphi Distillery in Fife.

Bruce’s great grandfather was Victor Bruce, who helped modernise India’s railways and link the country’s major cities by rail in his time as Viceroy and Governor General of India between 1894 and 1899.

There is a strong thirst for this type of innovative whisky, which tastes stunning.

Bruce said the blend, of which only 825 bottles will be available, is an “exciting and extremely rewarding” example of mixing Scotch with whisky matured in a different climate.

He said: “The Amrut brings tropical fruits and spice, the Ardmore creaminess and sooty smoke, and the Glenrothes adds a sherry-matured richness and texture to complete the balance.”

Fusion Whisky also produced the Glover whisky series, a blend of Scotch and rare Japanese whisky.

Jim Millar, a director of Fusion Whisky, said the Glover’s commercial success showed “there is strong thirst for this type of innovative whisky, which both tastes stunning and tells the story of some remarkable Scots”.