A dark dram for long nights

The Dark Atmospheric 750ml bottle
The Dark’s jet black glass bottle also acknowledges Orkney’s Viking heritage.

THE long, dark winters of Orkney, where daylight can often only last for six hours, were the inspiration for the latest limited edition release from Orcadian distillery Highland Park.

The Dark is a 17 year old single malt that has been matured in European oak sherry seasoned casks, resulting in a flavour “packed with dried fruits, nuts and spices overlaid with hints of smoky peat”; the whisky is packaged in a jet black glass bottle with a serpent dragon embossed on the front and The Dark written in runic in tribute to Orkney’s Viking heritage.

Jason Craig, brand director for Highland Park, said: “The Dark is the first of two special editions; The Light will be launched in spring 2018. Both editions share the story of the contrasting seasons of our Orkney islands and the resulting intense balance of Highland Park whisky.”