A glass act this Christmas

A STRONG wine by the glass range is a ‘must have’ for operators looking to maximise profit and encourage repeat custom this festive period.

But to take full advantage, licensees must ensure wines are served in optimum condition.

Matt Fisher, managing director of Winesave – an argon gas wine preservation product – said serving wines by the glass runs the risk of leftover wines going ‘off’ due to oxidation as re-corking a bottle “merely keeps the air captive and does little to slow oxidation”. Instead, Fisher advised licensees to use an argon gas on open bottles at the end of service, saying “products with pure argon are ideal as it’s inert and heavier than air, thus creating a layer above the wine helping to keep the oxygen away”.

“Offer your customers wines by the glass this festive season, but stock up on some argon gas wine preserver and use it nightly before putting your leftover bottles in the fridge,” he said.

“You’ll have happier customers this festive season!”