Final chapter in distiller’s smugglers story

Hat trick: the third and final expression

ISLE of Arran Distillers has released the final whisky in a trilogy inspired by the island’s Scotch-producing past.

The Exciseman is the third and final expression in Isle of Arran’s Smugglers’ Series, joining The Illicit Stills and The High Seas.

Madeira casks used in the latest limited edition expression are said to be similar to those that would have been used by Arran’s illicit distillers and the whisky itself is described as “complex and full of character”.

Like the other whiskies in the series, The Exciseman is packaged in a box designed to resemble a hardback book, with the bottle set in a cut-out compartment inside.

James MacTaggart, master distiller at Isle of Arran, said there is a “real desire” for whiskies with a story, something he said the Smugglers’ Series “has in abundance”.

“As the first legal distillery on the island in over 160 years we draw a great deal of inspiration from Arran’s whisky-making heritage and are delighted to be able to share it through this, the final bottling of the Smugglers’ Series,” said MacTaggart.