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Spirits are no longer ‘one size fits all’

Cocktails continue to prove popular.

Cocktails continue to prove popular.

“The trend for premium spirits is one that continues to grow, as consumers look for quality products and serves they can savour and enjoy. This is particularly seen during the summer months, when consumers are looking for premium, refreshing long serves.”

– Nicole Goodwin, Mast-Jaegermeister UK

“Categories such as rum, tequila and American whiskey lend themselves to a premium offer, but with consumers more ready than ever to switch between spirits categories it’s important for pubs and bars to offer a premium choice across the board.”

– Dan Bolton, Hi-Spirits

“Drinking habits are changing as consumers are faced with more choice than ever. They’re willing to trade up to brands to which they feel they have a connection with – to more premium, artisanal products. Value is much more than value for money – it’s now measured on provenance, the individualism of manufacture, botanicals and packaging design.”

– Spokeswoman, Halewood Wines & Spirits

“The key thing for operators to appreciate is that spirits is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ category. Stocking a range of brands covering mainstream, premium, local and craft will interest and engage customers, and with each having its own flavour profile, a suggested cocktail serve for each brand will drive sales.”

– Dan Bolton, Hi-Spirits

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