Usher’s Beer is reborn in Edinburgh

• Cheers: Stuart Usher toasts the first pint.
• Cheers: Stuart Usher toasts the first pint.

AN Edinburgh beer brand founded in the 19th century has been resurrected – 33 years after the last batch was brewed.
Perth-based craft brewer Inveralmond Brewery has joined forces with pub company Caledonian Heritable to relaunch the Usher’s Beer brand.
The companies have installed a microbrewery in Edinburgh bar Usher’s of Edinburgh, located in the basement of a building once owned by the Usher family.
Fergus Clark, managing director of Inveralmond Brewery, said: “To revive one of Scotland’s most iconic beer brands is just an exceptional moment in time as beer makers.
“We are very proud of our team today, from those who installed the micro-brewery in Usher’s of Edinburgh, to the brewer, to the person who pours the first pint.”
Stuart Usher, a descendant of the Usher family, sampled the first pint of the beer.
He said: “The taste of the beer is simply fantastic.”