Energy in the mix

Gloworm launches menu of ‘signature serve’ long drinks


THE firm behind energy drink brand Gloworm is promoting a range of long mixed drinks and cocktails for summer.

Ten bespoke long drinks featuring the energy drink, which is currently available in bars and restaurants in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle and Belfast, have been created.
The recipes are said to be designed to encourage bartenders and consumers to “rethink their drink”; the firm said the inclusion of the stimulating energy drink will “enhance, not overpower” the drink.
Long drinks from the Gloworm cocktail menu include the Raspberry Collins: a mix of raspberry vodka with cranberry bitters and lemon juice topped with Gloworm’s Raspberry and Orris variant; the Bison Glo: a combination of Bison Grass vodka, apple juice, ginger and Gloworm’s Ginger and Lemongrass variant; C’est Francais: a mix of brandy and cucumber, blended with citrus and topped off with Gloworm Pears and Spice; and the Ginjito, which combines gin, mint and lime juice with Gloworm’s Cucumber and Apple variant.
Martin Duffy, director at bartender training and events catering firm Solid Liquids Drinks Consultancy, said Gloworm “offers something very different to spirit lovers”.
“Often the people I serve seek a stimulating drink, but great taste will always take priority,” said Duffy.
“Gloworm makes it possible to combine the two, and can be used as an ingredient in a wide variety of serves, from straight mixers to more elaborate long drinks and creative cocktails.”