Lace up for World Cup

Get venue in shape to reap tournament rewards

• Screen positioning is key to creating the best World Cup viewing experience for your customers.

WITH less than two months to go until the World Cup kicks-off in Brazil, now is the time for publicans to make sure their venue is in good shape for the football crowd.

And Craig Straton of equipment supplier Sims Automatics believes operators that get their setup right will be in the best position to reap the rewards of this year’s tournament.
“The best way to ensure your premises benefits fully from the spectacle is to ensure that visual screening equipment is up to speed and offering the customer the next best thing to being in Rio itself,” said Straton. “With kick-off times being at sociable hours those venues that look to capitalise on this feast of football will do well through the events.
“Customers will no doubt be picking the venue that offers them the best viewing opportunity and it’s times like this they may pick an alternative to their local if the viewing potential is better elsewhere.”
Unlocking a venue’s viewing potential isn’t just down to the size and number of screens available either, according to Straton.
“Positioning is key with the smaller screens filling those voids in the bar where you don’t have an open viewing area,” he said. “For venues with a large viewing area and a ceiling height to accommodate them, the reintroduction of big screen projectors are a joy for the viewer, with screen sizes up to nine feet and HD-ready pictures this is a product that is making headway into the marketplace again with fantastic success and response from customers.”

Those venues that look to capitalise on this feast of football will do well.

Avoiding any disruption of the action will be key, said Straton, who advised operators not to place screens where customers will walk in front of them.
And for those considering the use of a projector, Straton said it is crucial to assess the available ceiling height. Not every venue will have the space necessary for a projector and, in those cases, a plasma screen is a suitable alternative, he said.
Although Scottish publicans may not have the climate of Brazil, there are steps operators can take to prepare for warmer weather.
“Screens can be fitted to wheel-based stands, thus allowing a multi- function option,” said Straton.
As for atmosphere, there’s more to watching football in the pub than what’s on the screen.
“Get the volume turned up so your customers feel like they are part of the crowd,” said Straton.
“If you have a juke box or sound system then your screen could possibly be wired through the same speakers and controlled with an amp behind the bar.”
And once the audio visuals are right, Straton reminded operators to let their customers know.
“It is key that venues use every accessible tool available to them in advertising themselves as a World Cup venue,” he added.

World Cup ones to watch

12 June: Brazil v Croatia, 21:00 (ITV)
13 June: Spain v Netherlands, 20:00 (BBC)
14 June: England v Italy, 23:00 (BBC)
15 June: Argentina v Bosnia, 23:00 (BBC)
16 June: Germany v Portugal, 17:00 (ITV)
17 June: Brazil v Mexico, 20:00 (BBC)
18 June: Spain v Chile, 20:00 (BBC)
19 June: Uruguay v England, 20:00 (ITV)
20 June: Switzerland v France, 20:00 (ITV)
21 June: Germany v Ghana, 20:00 (BBC)
22 June: Belgium v Russia, 17:00 (BBC)
23 June: Netherlands v Chile, 17:00 (ITV)
24 June: Costa Rica v England, 17:00 (ITV)
25 June: Nigeria v Argentina, 17:00 (ITV)
26 June: USA v Germany, 17:00 (BBC)