Low-cal fruit drink lands in UK

A SOFT drink said to be inspired by an “ancient Japanese infusion process” has been launched in the UK and positioned as a healthy soft drink.

KojiKoji, a fruit flavoured sparkling soft drink from the Future Drinks Company, is said to use no artificial sweeteners and contains 40 calories per 330ml glass bottle.
The new brand is available in three variants: Mandarin and Cranberry; Lemon and Ginger; and Elderflower and Lime.
Tim Chater of Future Drinks said the firm “wanted to create a great tasting, clean and healthy drink”.
“It is healthy products that are set to drive growth in the soft drinks category,” he said.
“There is a major surge in demand for products like Koji from both the trade and the consumer in response to the concerns around sugar consumption, creating the perfect storm for us.
“We believe we have a flawless soft drink and we are very excited about its future.”