ETI introduces probe-style cooking alarm thermometer


DESIGNED for commercial use, Electronic Temperature Instruments’ (ETI) ChefAlarm is available now, offering features previously not found in consumer cooking alarm thermometers.

New features include a min/max temperature display, which tells chefs how hot or cold their food gets when they’re not looking; high and low temperature alarms ideal for both hot and cold dishes; and an adjustable alarm volume up to 92dB which can be heard across the noisiest kitchens.
The ChefAlarm’s read-out is accurate to within 1°C and includes a calibration feature for fine-tuning accuracy to within half a degree, making it ideal for food safety.


Fitted with a Pro-Series High Temp Cooking Probe, ChefAlarm can measure temperatures up to 300°C with a cable that can withstand short-term exposure to 350°C. The probes are built exclusively for the ChefAlarm and are built for commercial use.
The ChefAlarm is priced at £37.50 exclusive of VAT.

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