Frying high – Q90


A NEW range of high-performance, heavy-duty deep fat fryers has been launched by commercial catering equipment manufacturer Q90.

Ten new models have been introduced to the Q90 range, comprising twin or single, gas or electric, manual or programmable models with pump oil filtration and automatic basket lifts available as options.
Developed in Italy and engineered and manufactured in the UK, Q90 fryers feature hydro-formed side opening doors built to the larger European standard width of either 400mm or 800mm, providing greater capacity than the UK industry standard.
Richard Fordham, international brand manager for Q90, said the fryers “combine European style and advanced technology with skilful engineering and robust construction to deliver outstanding power and reliable performance”.
In addition to fryers, the Q90 range of gas and electric equipment includes oven ranges, boiling tops, griddles and chargrills, as well as bains marie, pasta cookers, boiling kettles, brat pans and ambient units.

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