Time to raise a glass to the 125ml wine measure

By Gillian McKenzie

OPERATORS are being encouraged to increase the availability of 125ml wine measures in a new campaign by the Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership.

The group, which comprises drinks companies, trade groups and the Scottish Government, says offering the smaller serve, alongside the established 175ml and 250ml measures, gives consumers more choice in pubs and bars and underlines the trade’s commitment to responsible retailing.
It seems it could bring other benefits too.
Wine is big business for Scotland’s pubs and bars.
A report by Bibendum last year claimed the average spend on wine north of the border is 2% higher than the UK national average.
And while stalwarts like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot continue to dominate, wholesalers and importers are bringing a growing number of new and lesser-known wines to the market. Varietals such as Albarino, Malbec, Picpoul and Primitivo are beginning to make their mark, and countries like Slovenia and Romania are emerging as wine-producing nations to be reckoned with.
Many outlets now offer a broad range of wines by the glass and wine firms are quick to stress the important role a 125ml measure can play in encouraging consumers to try new and more premium wines.
A number of bars already offer a 125ml wine measure and time will tell how many more make it available. But it seems introducing a smaller serve could be a win-win situation for all.