A Merry move into the on-trade

The revamped Merrydown packaging.
The revamped Merrydown packaging.

MERRYDOWN cider has been launched in a new 500ml bottle in the on-trade.

Described as a 6% ABV “classic medium cider”, the bottled product carries a new logo – a fox dancing a jig and playing an apple core-shaped fiddle, which the firm behind Merrydown said is intended to “bring to life the character and sociability of the brand”.
The on-trade launch is being backed by consumer PR, digital and in-outlet activity, as well as outdoor ads carrying the strapline ‘One Sip. Many a knowing grin explained’.
Amanda Grabham, head of brand marketing for Merrydown, said the new-look packaging is intended to broaden the appeal of the Merrydown brand and attract new consumers.
“For consumers, the brand is perceived as having lots of character and personality,” she said.
“The name conjures up a feeling of sociability and light-heartedness, and recent consumer research showed that we could be doing more to reflect the character of the brand in the packaging and the brand support activity.
“We’ve taken that on board and have had very positive consumer reaction to the new pack design.
“Heritage brands have strong appeal for these consumers, and the brand’s history will continue to play a major role in promoting the new line which aims to bring together the traditional craft and quality cues for which Merrydown is renowned, whilst putting greater emphasis on the sense of merriment with its contemporary design.”