Investors target Scots firms

Scott Carnegie said LSIP is targeting SMEs.

SCOTTISH food and drink firms are being targeted by a new investment group.

London and Scottish Investment Partners (LSIP) – a group of 20 investors led by chairman Scott Carnegie of Discovery Investment Fund – is seeking to back companies in the food and drink sector, which have been operating for a minimum of three years.
LSIP has set aside an annual fund of up to £3 million and said it plans to target investments of between £300,000 and £500,000; it aims to undertake an average of four to six investments each year.
Chairman Scott Carnegie said the group intends to help SMEs in Scotland “flourish and move on to the next level”.
“We believe we offer a fresh and unique approach as we are investing in established businesses rather than start ups, which are already serviced through several other investment channels,” he said.
“Across Scotland there are numerous owner-operated and family run SMEs within the food and drink sector with great growth prospects and significant IP value which, for a number of reasons, are not performing to their full potential. There are also a number of companies with external backers who are suffering from ‘investor fatigue,’ uncertain of a clear forward route for the business.
“Through LSIP we can offer funding and, most importantly, the expertise and experience of our members and management support teams to take a business to the next level.”

Image – Scott Carnegie said LSIP is targeting SMEs.