Savoy bartender remembered

Plymouth raised a glass to a cocktail legend.

A SECRET cocktail tour of London was held by Plymouth Gin recently to celebrate the achievements of a legendary bartender.

The event, hosted by cocktail historian Anistatia Miller and BBC presenter Nigel Barden, took place 50 years after the death of Harry Craddock, who is widely regarded as a pioneer in the art of mixology.
Craddock made his name in the 1920s and ’30s and is credited with popularising the Dry Martini and creating classic recipes like the White Lady. He is perhaps best remembered for compiling The Savoy Cocktail Book, a seminal guide with over 1000 recipes. Plymouth makes more appearances than any other gin in the guide, and is listed as the preferred gin for the signature Dry Martini.
“We are proud to be associated with the man who popularised so many of the cocktails we know and love, and we hope to inspire a new generation of bartenders to create new and interesting serves for Plymouth,” said Adam Boita, marketing manager for the Pernod Ricard UK brand.
Meanwhile, new packaging has been rolled out across the on and off-trades for Plymouth Navy Strength and Sloe gin; both have an RRP of £24.49 per 70cl bottle.

Image – Plymouth raised a glass to a cocktail legend.