New ad aiming to strike a chord with Guinness drinkers

GUINNESS is back on TV screens in the second instalment of its Made of More ad campaign.

The new ad, titled ‘Clock’, is set in Bohemia in the 1890s and tells the story of a town’s clock which influences time to enhance the residents’ days, either by accelerating time for a boring task to go faster, reversing time to avoid an unfortunate event, or pausing time to allow a precious moment to last longer.
As the advert comes to an end, the clock’s face gradually merges into the top of a pint of Guinness with the strapline ‘Guinness. Made of More’.
Nick Britton, Guinness marketing manager at Diageo, said the ad aims to reinforce the brand’s attitude to “never settle for the ordinary”.
“We will continue to invest in Guinness throughout 2013 to drive its point of difference versus other brands in the beer category, and we are confident that this latest instalment will drive even greater affinity with this truly iconic brand,” he said. “We expect the clock to strike a chord with Guinness drinkers who are also Made of More and do not settle for the ordinary.”