Money isn’t everything

THEY’RE an established part of the consumer experience today. But discounts don’t necessarily bring a better dining experience in the trade.

The latest Taste the Nation survey, by Deloitte and BDRC Continental, suggests that consumers get more value for money when paying the standard price for a meal compared to those dining out with a voucher. Among the 3000 adults canvassed, 26% rated the value for money of their meal as excellent when they paid top whack, compared to the 19% who used a voucher.
Similar findings emerged on other key dining out criteria: 32% said customer service was excellent when paying standard prices, compared to 22% of voucher users; 30% of full-price payers rated food quality as top notch, in contrast to 22% of voucher holders; and more diners who paid full price (22%) said the range of food was excellent than discount diners (17%). Full-price payers were also more likely to recommend a restaurant, the survey said.