Christmas is a time for sharing

Operators can tap into lucrative festive buffet market

Buffets are big business for the trade over the festive period – and needn’t be difficult to prepare.

BUFFETS can be big business for the trade over the Christmas and New Year party season.

But with venues busier than usual – and time, resources and space in the kitchen at a premium – operators need to be savvy when it comes to laying on a festive party spread.
Moy Park Foodservice reckons it has one solution for licensees looking to generate extra profit over Christmas and New Year with “minimal effort and stress”.
The company’s ‘It’s Time To Party’ range comprises a selection of frozen buffet and sharing platter products to suit meat eating, vegetarian and sweet-toothed consumers. The range includes chicken wings, drumsticks and dippers, crispy breaded or garlic mushrooms, Mediterranean Crunchies, and goujons of spinach and Feta.
Moy Park also provides ‘It’s Time To Party’ posters and flyers to help operators promote Christmas and New Year events.
Jayne Hall, marketing manager at the foodservice firm, said the buffet products can be prepared quickly and easily by less experienced kitchen staff.
“This is the biggest time of year for buffets, which are ideal for events such as office parties and family get-togethers, not to mention sharing platters for smaller groups,” she said.
“Licensees can use the range of products to create a mouth-watering buffet that is just right for the Christmas season – helping caterers cope with heavy demand for party season events.
“The bonus for caterers is that these items are easy to prepare in just a few minutes by people with limited cooking skills, which means they are perfect for outlets that do not have a full-time chef or any chef at all.
“The festive season is a great opportunity for outlets to maximise the sales opportunity through ensuring they cater for the kind of shared events that really come into their own at this time of year. This will also ensure they end a challenging year with a good festive sales performance.”

Image – Buffets are big business for the trade over the festive period – and needn’t be difficult to prepare.