CCTV makes the difference

MAKING the installation of CCTV a mandatory condition for premises trading after 1am has been a major step in improving the safety of licensed premises – for customers and staff.
And according to Scott McGillivray, MD of CCTV supplier SIMS Automatics, operators are benefiting not only as the technology becomes more advanced but competitively priced. “It’s the deterrant factor – people know they’re being watched therefore there are less incidents [of crime],” he said.
“CCTV is also becoming more sophisticated, for example with things like face recognition becoming standard, till cameras and Tillscan, which records every transaction through a till.
“The quality of images is much better than five or ten years ago. Operators can also view it remotely – they don’t need to be in the premises to see what’s going on. It’s peace of mind.”