Morgenrot brings Canadian bad boys to the UK


MORGENROT has secured the UK distribution rights for Canada’s Sleeman Breweries.

The Sleeman beers, which include Honey Brown Lager and India Pale Ale (both 4.8% ABV), are produced to recipes that date back to the 18th century.
The family-owned company has enjoyed a somewhat chequered past, with ties to both piracy and Al Capone. In the 1930s members of the Sleeman family were charged with smuggling beer to Capone during prohibition and handed a 50-year brewing ban. The company in its current form was re-started in the 1980s by current chairman John Sleeman.
Morgenrot national account director Graham Archibald said that Sleeman Breweries has “a real passion for producing great beer”.

Image – Morgenrot is distributing Sleeman’s beers.