Jock’s a way to cut DJ costs


A ‘RESIDENT’ DJ without the price tag – that’s how one firm sums up its latest entertainment system.

BarJock is a computerised service which sounds like a live DJ and can stream music into a venue in the order – and at the volume – the operator wants throughout the day and night. The system allows operators to create playlists and manage music at the touch of a button, and choose from a range of DJs, who can provide voiceovers and announcements.
Neil Charrington, chief executive of parent company CoverJock, said the system is available to bars at a “fraction of the cost” of hiring a DJ.
“Our customers love that BarJock offers them the choice of some of the very best club DJ voices from North America, Europe and beyond at a price that is very cost effective for them,” he said. “The addition of full video support has been also tremendously well-received with customers automatically streaming music videos to TVs around the bar in sync with the music, the DJ and their own personal promotions.”

Image – The BarJock system sounds like a live DJ.