A new ‘low’ for cocktails

SCOTLAND is poised to follow in the footsteps of the US by embracing low-calorie cocktails.

Andrew King, CEO of syrup and puree producer Funkin, said lower calorie drinks have already made a huge impact in the States, and reckons operators in Scotland are starting to embrace them. ‘Skinny’ cocktails use agave syrup in place of sugar syrup.
“Consumers, and particularly a female audience, are more aware of the calorie count, and the various ways we are over-indulging in calories,” King said.
“A skinny cocktail has typically 30-40% less calories, and they are beginning to get more traction. They are enormous in America and you are beginning to see it happening in Scotland. Places like G1 and Montpeliers have skinny cocktails on their menus.”
King also said bars are embracing more unusual fruit, like blueberries, in cocktails.